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Inherits: Texture2D < Texture < Resource < RefCounted < Object

Provides the content of a Viewport as a dynamic texture.


Provides the content of a Viewport as a dynamic Texture2D. This can be used to mix controls, 2D game objects, and 3D game objects in the same scene.

To create a ViewportTexture in code, use the Viewport.get_texture method on the target viewport.

Note: When local to scene, this texture uses Resource.setup_local_to_scene to set the proxy texture and flags in the local viewport. Local to scene ViewportTextures will return incorrect data until the scene root is ready (see Node.ready).






Property Descriptions

NodePath viewport_path = NodePath("")

  • void set_viewport_path_in_scene ( NodePath value )

  • NodePath get_viewport_path_in_scene ( )

The path to the Viewport node to display. This is relative to the scene root, not to the node that uses the texture.

Note: In the editor, this path is automatically updated when the target viewport or one of its ancestors is renamed or moved. At runtime, the path may not be able to automatically update due to the inability to determine the scene root.