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This page is up to date for Godot 4.1. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.

Background loading

Commonly, games need to load resources asynchronously. When switching the main scene of your game (e.g. going to a new level), you might want to show a loading screen with some indication that progress is being made, or you may want to load additional resources during gameplay.

The standard load method (ResourceLoader.load or GDScript's simpler load) blocks your thread, making your game appear unresponsive while the resource is being loaded.

One way around this is using ResourceLoader to load resources asynchronously in background threads.

Using ResourceLoader

Generally, you queue requests to load resources for a path using ResourceLoader.load_threaded_request, which will then be loaded in threads in the background.

You can check the status with ResourceLoader.load_threaded_get_status. Progress can be obtained by passing an array variable via progress which will return a one element array containing the percentage.

Finally, you retrieved loaded resources by calling ResourceLoader.load_threaded_get.

Once you call load_threaded_get(), either the resource finished loading in the background and will be returned instantly or the load will block at this point like load() would. If you want to guarantee this does not block, you either need to ensure there is enough time between requesting the load and retrieving the resource or you need to check the status manually.


This example demonstrates how to load a scene in the background. We will have a button spawn a enemy when pressed. The enemy will be Enemy.tscn which we will load on _ready and instantiate when pressed. The path will be "Enemy.tscn" which is located at res://Enemy.tscn.

First, we will start a request to load the resource and connect the button:

const ENEMY_SCENE_PATH : String = "Enemy.tscn"

func _ready():

Now _on_button_pressed will be called when the button is pressed. This method will be used to spawn an enemy.

func _on_button_pressed(): # Button was pressed
    # Obtain the resource now that we need it
    var enemy_scene = ResourceLoader.load_threaded_get(ENEMY_SCENE_PATH)
    # Instantiate the enemy scene and add it to the current scene
    var enemy = enemy_scene.instantiate()