Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Copies a region of the screen (or the whole screen) to a buffer so it can be accessed with the texscreen() shader instruction.

Member Variables

  • CopyMode copy_mode - Buffer mode. See COPY_MODE_* constants.
  • Rect2 rect - The area covered by the BackBufferCopy. Only used if copy_mode is COPY_MODE_RECT.


enum CopyMode

  • COPY_MODE_DISABLED = 0 — Disables the buffering mode. This means the BackBufferCopy node will directly use the portion of screen it covers.
  • COPY_MODE_RECT = 1 — BackBufferCopy buffers a rectangular region.
  • COPY_MODE_VIEWPORT = 2 — BackBufferCopy buffers the entire screen.


Node for back-buffering the currently displayed screen. The region defined in the BackBufferCopy node is bufferized with the content of the screen it covers, or the entire screen according to the copy mode set. Accessing this buffer is done with the texscreen() shader instruction.