Inherits: Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Collision data for KinematicBody2D collisions.

Member Variables

  • Object collider - The colliding body.
  • int collider_id - The colliding body’s unique RID.
  • Variant collider_metadata - The colliding body’s metadata. See Object.
  • Object collider_shape - The colliding body’s shape.
  • int collider_shape_index - The colliding shape’s index. See CollisionObject2D.
  • Vector2 collider_velocity - The colliding object’s velocity.
  • Object local_shape - The moving object’s colliding shape.
  • Vector2 normal - The colliding body’s shape’s normal at the point of collision.
  • Vector2 position - The point of collision.
  • Vector2 remainder - The moving object’s remaining movement vector.
  • Vector2 travel - The distance the moving object traveled before collision.


Contains collision data for KinematicBody2D collisions. When a KinematicBody2D is moved using KinematicBody2D.move_and_collide, it stops if it detects a collision with another body. If a collision is detected, a KinematicCollision2D object is returned.

This object contains information about the collision, including the colliding object, the remaining motion, and the collision position. This information can be used to calculate a collision response.