Inherits: Node < Object

Inherited By: ParallaxBackground

Category: Core

Brief Description

Canvas drawing layer.

Member Functions

World2D get_world_2d ( ) const

Member Variables

  • Node custom_viewport - The custom Viewport node assigned to the CanvasLayer. If null, uses the default viewport instead.
  • int layer - Layer index for draw order. Lower values are drawn first. Default value: 1.
  • Vector2 offset - The layer’s base offset.
  • float rotation - The layer’s rotation in radians.
  • float rotation_degrees - The layer’s rotation in degrees.
  • Vector2 scale - The layer’s scale.
  • Transform2D transform - The layer’s transform.


Canvas drawing layer. CanvasItem nodes that are direct or indirect children of a CanvasLayer will be drawn in that layer. The layer is a numeric index that defines the draw order. The default 2D scene renders with index 0, so a CanvasLayer with index -1 will be drawn below, and one with index 1 will be drawn above. This is very useful for HUDs (in layer 1+ or above), or backgrounds (in layer -1 or below).

Member Function Description

Return the World2D used by this layer.