BBCode in RichTextLabel


RichTextLabel allows to display complex text markup in a control. It has a built-in API for generating the markup, but can also parse a BBCode.

Note that the BBCode tags can also be used to some extent in the XML source of the class reference.

Setting up

For RichTextLabel to work properly, it must be set up. This means loading the intended fonts in the relevant properties:



Command Tag Description
bold [b]{text}[/b] Makes {text} bold.
italics [i]{text}[/i] Makes {text} italics.
underline [u]{text}[/u] Makes {text} underline.
code [code]{text}[/code] Makes {text} monospace.
center [center]{text}[/center] Makes {text} centered.
right [right]{text}[/right] Makes {text} right-aligned.
fill [fill]{text}[/fill] Makes {text} fill width.
indent [indent]{text}[/indent] Increase indent level of {text}.
url [url]{url}[/url] Show {url} as such.
url (ref) [url=<url>]{text}[/url] Makes {text} reference <url>.
image [img]{path}[/img] Insert image at resource {path}.
font [font=<path>]{text}[/font] Use custom font at <path> for {text}.
color [color=<code/name>]{text}[/color] Change {text} color, use # format such as #ff00ff or name.

Built-in color names

List of valid color names for the [color=<name>] tag:

  • aqua
  • black
  • blue
  • fuchsia
  • gray
  • green
  • lime
  • maroon
  • navy
  • purple
  • red
  • silver
  • teal
  • white
  • yellow

Hexadecimal color codes

For opaque RGB colors, any valid 6-digit hexadecimal code is supported, e.g. [color=#ffffff]white[/color].

For transparent RGB colors, any 8-digit hexadecimal code can be used, e.g. [color=#88ffffff]translucent white[/color]. In this case, note that the alpha channel is the first component of the color code, not the last one.