Inherits: SpriteBase3D < GeometryInstance < VisualInstance < Spatial < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

2D Sprite node in 3D world.


  • frame_changed ( )

Emitted when the frame changes.

Member Variables

  • int frame - Current frame to display from sprite sheet. vframes or hframes must be greater than 1.
  • int hframes - The number of columns in the sprite sheet.
  • bool region_enabled - If true texture will be cut from a larger atlas texture. See region_rect. Default value: false.
  • Rect2 region_rect - The region of the atlas texture to display. region_enabled must be true.
  • Texture texture - Texture object to draw.
  • int vframes - The number of rows in the sprite sheet.


A node that displays a 2D texture in a 3D environment. The texture displayed can be a region from a larger atlas texture, or a frame from a sprite sheet animation.