Inherits: Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Control to play video files.

Member Functions

String get_stream_name ( ) const
Texture get_video_texture ( )
bool is_playing ( ) const
void play ( )
void stop ( )

Member Variables

  • int audio_track
  • bool autoplay
  • int buffering_msec - The amount of milliseconds to store in buffer while playing.
  • String bus
  • bool expand
  • bool paused
  • VideoStream stream
  • float stream_position - The current position of the stream, in seconds.
  • float volume - The volume of the audio track as a linear value.
  • float volume_db


This control has the ability to play video streams. The only format accepted is the OGV Theora, so any other format must be converted before using in a project.

Member Function Description

  • String get_stream_name ( ) const

Get the name of the video stream.

Get the current frame of the video as a Texture.

  • bool is_playing ( ) const

Get whether or not the video is playing.

  • void play ( )

Start the video playback.

  • void stop ( )

Stop the video playback.