Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

A 2D polygon.

Member Variables

  • bool antialiased - If true polygon edges will be anti-aliased. Default value: false.
  • Color color - The polygon’s fill color. If texture is defined, it will be multiplied by this color. It will also be the default color for vertices not set in vertex_colors.
  • float invert_border - Added padding applied to the bounding box when using invert. Setting this value too small may result in a “Bad Polygon” error. Default value: 100.
  • bool invert_enable - If true polygon will be inverted, containing the area outside the defined points and extending to the invert_border. Default value: false.
  • Vector2 offset - The offset applied to each vertex.
  • PoolVector2Array polygon - The polygon’s list of vertices. The final point will be connected to the first.
  • Texture texture - The polygon’s fill texture. Use uv to set texture coordinates.
  • Vector2 texture_offset - Amount to offset the polygon’s texture. If (0, 0) the texture’s origin (its top-left corner) will be placed at the polygon’s position.
  • float texture_rotation - The texture’s rotation in radians.
  • float texture_rotation_degrees - The texture’s rotation in degrees.
  • Vector2 texture_scale - Amount to multiply the uv coordinates when using a texture. Larger values make the texture smaller, and vice versa.
  • PoolVector2Array uv - Texture coordinates for each vertex of the polygon. There should be one uv per polygon vertex. If there are fewer, undefined vertices will use (0, 0).
  • PoolColorArray vertex_colors - Color for each vertex. Colors are interpolated between vertices, resulting in smooth gradients. There should be one per polygon vertex. If there are fewer, undefined vertices will use color.


A Polygon2D is defined by a set of points. Each point is connected to the next, with the final point being connected to the first, resulting in a closed polygon. Polygon2Ds can be filled with color (solid or gradient) or filled with a given texture.