Overview of debugging tools


When developing your game, you would want to test your game and debug when problems occurred. Godot provides several debugging options and tools which aid your debugging process.

Debug options

There are a few options that you can enable when running your game in the editor which can help you in debugging your game. These options are located in DEBUG in the main menus.


Here are the descriptions of the options:

Deploy with Remote Debug

When exporting and deploying, the resulting executable will attempt to connect to the IP of your computer, in order to be debugged.

Small Deploy with Network FS

Export or deploy will produce minimal executable. The filesystem will be provided from the project by the editor over the network. On Android, deploy will use the USB cable for faster performance. This option speeds up testing for games with a large footprint.

Visible Collision Shapes

Collision shapes and raycast nodes(for 2D and 3D) will be visible on the running game.

Visible Navigation

Navigation meshes and polygons will be visible on the running game.

Sync Scene Changes

Any changes made to the scene in the editor will be replicated in the running game. When used remotely on a device, this is more efficient with network filesystem.

Sync Script Changes

Any script that is saved will be reloaded on the running game. When used remotely on a device, this is more efficient with network filesystem.

Debugging tools

The Debugger is the second option in the bottom panel. Click on it and a new panel occurs.


The Debugger provides certain tools under different tabs.

Here are some brief descriptions of the tools:


Monitor the game running process.


Print out errors when running the game.


Profiling the performance of the any function call in the running game.


Monitors the performance of the running game, such as the fps and physics collisions.

Video Mem

Listing the video memory usage of the running game.


Miscellaneous options for debug.

Remote in Scene dock

When running your game, a bar will occur at the top of the Scene dock. You can switch to Remote and inspect or change the nodes’ parameters in the running game.



Some editor settings related to debugging can be find in the Editor Settings, under Network>Debug and Debugger sections.