Inherits: VisualShaderNode < Resource < Reference < Object

A CubeMap sampling node to be used within the visual shader graph.


Translated to texture(cubemap, vec3) in the shader language. Returns a color vector and alpha channel as scalar.


enum Source:

  • SOURCE_TEXTURE = 0 --- Use the CubeMap set via cube_map. If this is set to source, the samplerCube port is ignored.
  • SOURCE_PORT = 1 --- Use the CubeMap sampler reference passed via the samplerCube port. If this is set to source, the cube_map texture is ignored.

enum TextureType:

  • TYPE_DATA = 0 --- No hints are added to the uniform declaration.
  • TYPE_COLOR = 1 --- Adds hint_albedo as hint to the uniform declaration for proper sRGB to linear conversion.
  • TYPE_NORMALMAP = 2 --- Adds hint_normal as hint to the uniform declaration, which internally converts the texture for proper usage as normal map.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_cube_map(value)
Getter get_cube_map()

The CubeMap texture to sample when using SOURCE_TEXTURE as source.

Default 0
Setter set_source(value)
Getter get_source()

Defines which source should be used for the sampling. See Source for options.

Default 0
Setter set_texture_type(value)
Getter get_texture_type()

Defines the type of data provided by the source texture. See TextureType for options.