Everyone is most welcome to contribute to Godot. Here are some ways in which you can contribute to the project:

  • Improving the engine by fixing bugs, coding new features, or refining existing ones.

  • Writing or proofreading documentation. You can contribute both to this reference manual or the code reference.

  • Translating the editor or documentation from English to other languages.

  • Reporting issues or writing detailed proposals.

Getting started

You would like to contribute but you don't know how or what to do? You can get answers below.

Contributing to the engine

The guides below explain how to contribute to the engine's core. You will learn about the code style, the contribution workflow, and more.

Writing documentation

We always need help to improve the documentation, be it the class reference or the manual. Below, you can find our content and writing guidelines and concrete guides to make changes to the documentation.


Here are the principles and guidelines we strive to follow to write accessible documentation.

Writing the manual

Class reference guides

The pages below focus on the class reference.

As the reference is included in the Godot editor, its source files are part of the godot repository. We use XML files to write it, so the process to contribute to the class reference differs from writing the online manual.

Translating the documentation

The community is always working hard on making Godot and its documentation available to more people. Localizing the documentation is a colossal and ongoing effort you can be part of.