Deploying on Quest

The OpenXR plugin makes developing for Android seamless with developing desktop XR experiences. Note that many Android based devices are very constrained performance-wise. Therefore, we highly recommend using the GLES2 renderer.


Currently, the only Android-based device supported is the Meta Quest. As Khronos is finalizing the official Android support for OpenXR, we will be able to offer further support soon.

See also

As with any other Android device, please follow the instructions in the official Godot documentation for deploying to Android.

Enable developer mode on the Quest

You can only deploy games to the Meta Quest if developer mode is enabled. You can do this from the Oculus support application installed on your phone. Please follow the instructions on the Oculus developer site.

Setting up the export template

The instruction in the official Godot documentation already has you configuring an export template in Godot. However, a few extra settings are needed for XR deployment.

Open the export settings again by opening the Project > Export... menu and select the Android export template you created. If you haven't created it yet, do so now by pressing Add... and selecting Android.

Scroll down to the Xr Features section. Here, the important setting is the Xr Mode which should be set to OpenXR. Note that the other options shown here should be set according to your project's needs.