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Inherits: Resource < RefCounted < Object

Holds data that can be used to animate anything in the engine.


This resource holds data that can be used to animate anything in the engine. Animations are divided into tracks and each track must be linked to a node. The state of that node can be changed through time, by adding timed keys (events) to the track.

# This creates an animation that makes the node "Enemy" move to the right by
# 100 pixels in 0.5 seconds.
var animation =
var track_index = animation.add_track(Animation.TYPE_VALUE)
animation.track_set_path(track_index, "Enemy:position:x")
animation.track_insert_key(track_index, 0.0, 0)
animation.track_insert_key(track_index, 0.5, 100)

Animations are just data containers, and must be added to nodes such as an AnimationPlayer to be played back. Animation tracks have different types, each with its own set of dedicated methods. Check TrackType to see available types.

Note: For 3D position/rotation/scale, using the dedicated TYPE_POSITION_3D,