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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

Helper tool to access and edit Mesh data.


MeshDataTool provides access to individual vertices in a Mesh. It allows users to read and edit vertex data of meshes. It also creates an array of faces and edges.

To use MeshDataTool, load a mesh with create_from_surface. When you are finished editing the data commit the data to a mesh with commit_to_surface.

Below is an example of how MeshDataTool may be used.

var mesh =
var mdt =
mdt.create_from_surface(mesh, 0)
for i in range(mdt.get_vertex_count()):
    var vertex = mdt.get_vertex(i)
    # In this example we extend the mesh by one unit, which results in separated faces as it is flat shaded.
    vertex += mdt.get_vertex_normal(i)
    # Save your change.
    mdt.set_vertex(i, vertex)
var mi =
mi.mesh = mesh