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Inherits: VisualInstance3D < Node3D < Node < Object

Captures its surroundings to create fast, accurate reflections from a given point.


Captures its surroundings as a cubemap, and stores versions of it with increasing levels of blur to simulate different material roughnesses.

The ReflectionProbe is used to create high-quality reflections at a low performance cost (when update_mode is UPDATE_ONCE). ReflectionProbes can be blended together and with the rest of the scene smoothly. ReflectionProbes can also be combined with VoxelGI, SDFGI (Environment.sdfgi_enabled) and screen-space reflections (Environment.ssr_enabled) to get more accurate reflections in specific areas. ReflectionProbes render all objects within their cull_mask, so updating them can be quite expensive. It is best to update them once with the important static objects and then leave them as-is.

Note: Unlike VoxelGI and SDFGI, ReflectionProbes only source their environment from a WorldEnvironment node. If you specify an Environment resource within a Camera3D node, it will be ignored by the ReflectionProbe. This can lead to incorrect lighting within the ReflectionProbe.

Note: Reflection probes are only supported in the Forward+ and Mobile rendering methods, not Compatibility. When using the Mobile rendering method, only 8 reflection probes can be displayed on each mesh resource. Attempting to display more than 8 reflection probes on a single mesh resource will result in reflection probes flickering in and out as the camera moves.

Note: When using the Mobile rendering method, reflection probes will only correctly affect meshes whose visibility AABB intersects with the reflection probe's AABB. If using a shader to deform the mesh in a way that makes it go outside its AABB, GeometryInstance3D.extra_cull_margin must be increased on the mesh. Otherwise, the reflection probe may not be visible on the mesh.





Color(0, 0, 0, 1)