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Inherits: Range < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

An input field for numbers.


SpinBox is a numerical input text field. It allows entering integers and floating point numbers.


var spin_box =
var line_edit = spin_box.get_line_edit()
line_edit.context_menu_enabled = false
spin_box.horizontal_alignment = LineEdit.HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_RIGHT

The above code will create a SpinBox, disable context menu on it and set the text alignment to right.

See Range class for more options over the SpinBox.

Note: SpinBox relies on an underlying LineEdit node. To theme a SpinBox's background, add theme items for LineEdit and customize them.

Note: If you want to implement drag and drop for the underlying LineEdit, you can use Control.set_drag_forwarding on the node returned by get_line_edit.