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Inherits: CanvasItem < Node < Object

Inherited By: AnimatedSprite2D, AudioListener2D, AudioStreamPlayer2D, BackBufferCopy, Bone2D, Camera2D, CanvasGroup, CanvasModulate, CollisionObject2D, CollisionPolygon2D, CollisionShape2D, CPUParticles2D, GPUParticles2D, Joint2D, Light2D, LightOccluder2D, Line2D, Marker2D, MeshInstance2D, MultiMeshInstance2D, NavigationLink2D, NavigationObstacle2D, NavigationRegion2D, ParallaxLayer, Path2D, PathFollow2D, Polygon2D, RayCast2D, RemoteTransform2D, ShapeCast2D, Skeleton2D, Sprite2D, TileMap, TouchScreenButton, VisibleOnScreenNotifier2D

A 2D game object, inherited by all 2D-related nodes. Has a position, rotation, scale, and Z index.


A 2D game object, with a transform (position, rotation, and scale). All 2D nodes, including physics objects and sprites, inherit from Node2D. Use Node2D as a parent node to move, scale and rotate children in a 2D project. Also gives control of the node's render order.