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Inherits: AnimationNodeSync < AnimationNode < Resource < RefCounted < Object

A transition within an AnimationTree connecting two AnimationNodes.


Simple state machine for cases which don't require a more advanced AnimationNodeStateMachine. Animations can be connected to the inputs and transition times can be specified.

After setting the request and changing the animation playback, the transition node automatically clears the request on the next process frame by setting its transition_request value to empty.

Note: When using a cross-fade, current_state and current_index change to the next state immediately after the cross-fade begins.

# Play child animation connected to "state_2" port.
animation_tree.set("parameters/Transition/transition_request", "state_2")
# Alternative syntax (same result as above).
animation_tree["parameters/Transition/transition_request"] = "state_2"

# Get current state name (read-only).
# Alternative syntax (same result as above).

# Get current state index (read-only).
# Alternative syntax (same result as above).