Using an external text editor

While Godot has an inbuilt text editor, some developers have a tendency to want to use a text editor they are familiar with. Godot provides this option via the options under Editor -> Editor Settings -> Text Editor -> External


There are two fields: the executable path and command line flags. The flags allow you to better integrate the editor with Godot. Godot will replace the following inside the flags parameter:

Field in Exec Flags Is replaced with
{project} The absolute path to the project directory
{file} The absolute path to the file
{col} The column number of the error
{line} The line number of the error

Some example Exec Flags for various editors include:

Editor Exec Flags
Geany/Kate {file} –line {line} –column {col}
Atom/Sublime Text {file}:{line}
JetBrains Rider –line {line} {file}
Visual Studio Code {project} –goto {file}:{line}:{col}