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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

A TCP server.


A TCP server. Listens to connections on a port and returns a StreamPeerTCP when it gets an incoming connection.

Note: When exporting to Android, make sure to enable the INTERNET permission in the Android export preset before exporting the project or using one-click deploy. Otherwise, network communication of any kind will be blocked by Android.



get_local_port ( ) const


is_connection_available ( ) const


is_listening ( ) const


listen ( int port, String bind_address="*" )


stop ( )


take_connection ( )

Method Descriptions

int get_local_port ( ) const

Returns the local port this server is listening to.

bool is_connection_available ( ) const

Returns true if a connection is available for taking.

bool is_listening ( ) const

Returns true if the server is currently listening for connections.

Error listen ( int port, String bind_address="*" )

Listen on the port binding to bind_address.

If bind_address is set as "*" (default), the server will listen on all available addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6).

If bind_address is set as "" (for IPv4) or "::" (for IPv6), the server will listen on all available addresses matching that IP type.

If bind_address is set to any valid address (e.g. "", "::1", etc), the server will only listen on the interface with that addresses (or fail if no interface with the given address exists).

void stop ( )

Stops listening.

StreamPeerTCP take_connection ( )

If a connection is available, returns a StreamPeerTCP with the connection.