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Inherits: Resource < RefCounted < Object

Efficiently packs and serializes Array or Dictionary.


PackedDataContainer can be used to efficiently store data from untyped containers. The data is packed into raw bytes and can be saved to file. Only Array and Dictionary can be stored this way.

You can retrieve the data by iterating on the container, which will work as if iterating on the packed data itself. If the packed container is a Dictionary, the data can be retrieved by key names (String/StringName only).

var data = { "key": "value", "another_key": 123, "lock": Vector2() }
var packed = PackedDataContainer.new()
ResourceSaver.save(packed, "packed_data.res")
var container = load("packed_data.res")
for key in container:
    prints(key, container[key])

# Prints:
# key value
# lock (0, 0)
# another_key 123

Nested containers will be packed recursively. While iterating, they will be returned as PackedDataContainerRef.



pack ( Variant value )


size ( ) const

Method Descriptions

Error pack ( Variant value )

Packs the given container into a binary representation. The value must be either Array or Dictionary, any other type will result in invalid data error.

Note: Subsequent calls to this method will overwrite the existing data.

int size ( ) const

Returns the size of the packed container (see Array.size and Dictionary.size).