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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

Allows reading the content of a zip file.


This class implements a reader that can extract the content of individual files inside a zip archive.

func read_zip_file():
    var reader :=
    var err :="user://")
    if err != OK:
        return PackedByteArray()
    var res := reader.read_file("hello.txt")
    return res



close ( )


get_files ( )


open ( String path )


read_file ( String path, bool case_sensitive=true )

Method Descriptions

Error close ( )

Closes the underlying resources used by this instance.

PackedStringArray get_files ( )

Returns the list of names of all files in the loaded archive.

Must be called after open.

Error open ( String path )

Opens the zip archive at the given path and reads its file index.

PackedByteArray read_file ( String path, bool case_sensitive=true )

Loads the whole content of a file in the loaded zip archive into memory and returns it.

Must be called after open.