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Inherits: EditorSceneFormatImporter < RefCounted < Object

Importer for Blender's .blend scene file format.


Imports Blender scenes in the .blend file format through the glTF 2.0 3D import pipeline. This importer requires Blender to be installed by the user, so that it can be used to export the scene as glTF 2.0.

The location of the Blender binary is set via the filesystem/import/blender/blender3_path editor setting.

This importer is only used if ProjectSettings.filesystem/import/blender/enabled is enabled, otherwise .blend files present in the project folder are not imported.

Blend import requires Blender 3.0.

Internally, the EditorSceneFormatImporterBlend uses the Blender glTF "Use Original" mode to reference external textures.