Work in progress

Godot documentation is being updated to reflect the latest changes in version 4.0. Some documentation pages may still state outdated information. This banner will tell you if you're reading one of such pages.

The contents of this page are up to date. If you can still find outdated information, please open an issue.

Writing documentation

We always need help to improve the documentation, be it the class reference or the manual. Below, you can find our content and writing guidelines and concrete guides to make changes to the documentation.

Be sure to also check the workflow guidelines, especially if you're new to using Git or GitHub.


Here are the principles and guidelines we strive to follow to write accessible documentation.

Writing the manual

These articles explain how to contribute to this very documentation, and how to build the online version locally for testing.

Class reference guides

The pages below focus on the class reference.

As the reference is included in the Godot editor, its source files are part of the godot repository. We use XML files to write it, so the process to contribute to the class reference differs from writing the online manual.

Translating the documentation

The community is always working hard on making Godot and its documentation available to more people. Localizing the documentation is a colossal and ongoing effort you can be part of.