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Inherits: VisualShaderNodeVectorBase < VisualShaderNode < Resource < RefCounted < Object

A vector operator to be used within the visual shader graph.


A visual shader node for use of vector operators. Operates on vector a and vector b.






enum Operator:

Operator OP_ADD = 0

Adds two vectors.

Operator OP_SUB = 1

Subtracts a vector from a vector.

Operator OP_MUL = 2

Multiplies two vectors.

Operator OP_DIV = 3

Divides vector by vector.

Operator OP_MOD = 4

Returns the remainder of the two vectors.

Operator OP_POW = 5

Returns the value of the first parameter raised to the power of the second, for each component of the vectors.

Operator OP_MAX = 6

Returns the greater of two values, for each component of the vectors.

Operator OP_MIN = 7

Returns the lesser of two values, for each component of the vectors.

Operator OP_CROSS = 8

Calculates the cross product of two vectors.

Operator OP_ATAN2 = 9

Returns the arc-tangent of the parameters.

Operator OP_REFLECT = 10

Returns the vector that points in the direction of reflection. a is incident vector and b is the normal vector.

Operator OP_STEP = 11

Vector step operator. Returns 0.0 if a is smaller than b and 1.0 otherwise.

Operator OP_ENUM_SIZE = 12

Represents the size of the Operator enum.

Property Descriptions

Operator operator = 0

The operator to be used. See Operator for options.