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Inherits: Tweener < RefCounted < Object

Interpolates an abstract value and supplies it to a method called over time.


MethodTweener is similar to a combination of CallbackTweener and PropertyTweener. It calls a method providing an interpolated value as a parameter. See Tween.tween_method for more usage information.

Note: Tween.tween_method is the only correct way to create MethodTweener. Any MethodTweener created manually will not function correctly.



set_delay ( float delay )


set_ease ( EaseType ease )


set_trans ( TransitionType trans )

Method Descriptions

MethodTweener set_delay ( float delay )

Sets the time in seconds after which the MethodTweener will start interpolating. By default there's no delay.

MethodTweener set_ease ( EaseType ease )

Sets the type of used easing from EaseType. If not set, the default easing is used from the Tween that contains this Tweener.

MethodTweener set_trans ( TransitionType trans )

Sets the type of used transition from TransitionType. If not set, the default transition is used from the Tween that contains this Tweener.