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Inherits: Shape2D < Resource < RefCounted < Object

Separation ray shape resource for 2D physics.


2D separation ray shape to be added as a direct child of a PhysicsBody2D or Area2D using a CollisionShape2D node. A ray is not really a collision body; instead, it tries to separate itself from whatever is touching its far endpoint. It's often useful for characters.

Performance: Being a primitive collision shape, SeparationRayShape2D is fast to check collisions against.








Property Descriptions

float length = 20.0

  • void set_length ( float value )

  • float get_length ( )

The ray's length.

bool slide_on_slope = false

  • void set_slide_on_slope ( bool value )

  • bool get_slide_on_slope ( )

If false (default), the shape always separates and returns a normal along its own direction.

If true, the shape can return the correct normal and separate in any direction, allowing sliding motion on slopes.