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Inherits: Occluder3D < Resource < RefCounted < Object

Flat 2D polygon shape for use with occlusion culling in OccluderInstance3D.


PolygonOccluder3D stores a polygon shape that can be used by the engine's occlusion culling system. When an OccluderInstance3D with a PolygonOccluder3D is selected in the editor, an editor will appear at the top of the 3D viewport so you can add/remove points. All points must be placed on the same 2D plane, which means it is not possible to create arbitrary 3D shapes with a single PolygonOccluder3D. To use arbitrary 3D shapes as occluders, use ArrayOccluder3D or OccluderInstance3D's baking feature instead.

See OccluderInstance3D's documentation for instructions on setting up occlusion culling.






Property Descriptions

PackedVector2Array polygon = PackedVector2Array()

The polygon to use for occlusion culling. The polygon can be convex or concave, but it should have as few points as possible to maximize performance.

The polygon must not have intersecting lines. Otherwise, triangulation will fail (with an error message printed).