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Inherits: Container < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Control for holding SubViewports.


A Container node that holds a SubViewport. It uses the SubViewport's size as minimum size, unless stretch is enabled.

Note: Changing a SubViewportContainer's Control.scale will cause its contents to appear distorted. To change its visual size without causing distortion, adjust the node's margins instead (if it's not already in a container).

Note: The SubViewportContainer forwards mouse-enter and mouse-exit notifications to its sub-viewports.








Property Descriptions

bool stretch = false

  • void set_stretch ( bool value )

  • bool is_stretch_enabled ( )

If true, the sub-viewport will be automatically resized to the control's size.

Note: If true, this will prohibit changing SubViewport.size of its children manually.

int stretch_shrink = 1

  • void set_stretch_shrink ( int value )

  • int get_stretch_shrink ( )

Divides the sub-viewport's effective resolution by this value while preserving its scale. This can be used to speed up rendering.

For example, a 1280×720 sub-viewport with stretch_shrink set to 2 will be rendered at 640×360 while occupying the same size in the container.

Note: stretch must be true for this property to work.