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Inherits: ResourceImporter < RefCounted < Object

Imports a collection of textures from a PNG image into an optimized AtlasTexture for 2D rendering.


This imports a collection of textures from a PNG image into an AtlasTexture or 2D ArrayMesh. This can be used to save memory when importing 2D animations from spritesheets. Texture atlases are only supported in 2D rendering, not 3D. See also ResourceImporterTexture and ResourceImporterLayeredTexture.

Note: ResourceImporterTextureAtlas does not handle importing TileSetAtlasSource, which is created using the TileSet editor instead.














Property Descriptions

String atlas_file = ""

Path to the atlas spritesheet. This must be set to valid path to a PNG image. Otherwise, the atlas will fail to import.

bool crop_to_region = false

If true, discards empty areas from the atlas. This only affects final sprite positioning, not storage. See also trim_alpha_border_from_region.

Note: Only effective if import_mode is Region.

int import_mode = 0

Region: Imports the atlas in an AtlasTexture resource, which is rendered as a rectangle. This is fast to render, but transparent areas still have to be rendered if they can't be trimmed effectively by trim_alpha_border_from_region. This can reduce performance when rendering large sprites on screen.

Mesh: Imports the atlas as an ArrayMesh resource, keeping the original bitmap visible (but rendered as a polygon). This can be used to reduce fill rate when rendering large transparent sprites, at the cost of slower rendering if there are little to no transparent areas in the sprite.

bool trim_alpha_border_from_region = true

If true, trims the region to exclude fully transparent pixels using a clipping rectangle (which is never rotated). This can be used to save memory. See also crop_to_region.

Note: Only effective if import_mode is Region.