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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

Plugin for adding custom converters from one resource format to another in the editor resource picker context menu; for example, converting a StandardMaterial3D to a ShaderMaterial.


EditorResourceConversionPlugin is invoked when the context menu is brought up for a resource in the editor inspector. Relevant conversion plugins will appear as menu options to convert the given resource to a target type.

Below shows an example of a basic plugin that will convert an ImageTexture to a PortableCompressedTexture2D.

extends EditorResourceConversionPlugin

func _handles(resource: Resource):
    return resource is ImageTexture

func _converts_to():
    return "PortableCompressedTexture2D"

func _convert(itex: Resource):
    var ptex = PortableCompressedTexture2D.new()
    ptex.create_from_image(itex.get_image(), PortableCompressedTexture2D.COMPRESSION_MODE_LOSSLESS)
    return ptex

To use an EditorResourceConversionPlugin, register it using the EditorPlugin.add_resource_conversion_plugin method first.



_convert ( Resource resource ) virtual const


_converts_to ( ) virtual const


_handles ( Resource resource ) virtual const

Method Descriptions

Resource _convert ( Resource resource ) virtual const

Takes an input Resource and converts it to the type given in _converts_to. The returned Resource is the result of the conversion, and the input Resource remains unchanged.

String _converts_to ( ) virtual const

Returns the class name of the target type of Resource that this plugin converts source resources to.

bool _handles ( Resource resource ) virtual const

Called to determine whether a particular Resource can be converted to the target resource type by this plugin.