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Inherits: InputEvent < Resource < RefCounted < Object

Represents an input event from a MIDI device, such as a piano.


InputEventMIDI allows receiving input events from MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices such as a piano.

MIDI signals can be sent over a 5-pin MIDI connector or over USB, if your device supports both be sure to check the settings in the device to see which output it's using.

To receive input events from MIDI devices, you need to call OS.open_midi_inputs. You can check which devices are detected using OS.get_connected_midi_inputs.

func _ready():

func _input(input_event):
    if input_event is InputEventMIDI:

func _print_midi_info(midi_event: InputEventMIDI):
    print("Channel " + str(
    print("Message " + str(midi_event.message))
    print("Pitch " + str(midi_event.pitch))
    print("Velocity " + str(midi_event.velocity))
    print("Instrument " + str(midi_event.instrument))
    print("Pressure " + str(midi_event.pressure))
    print("Controller number: " + str(midi_event.controller_number))
    print("Controller value: " + str(midi_event.controller_value))