Inherits: Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Label that displays rich text.


Rich text can contain custom text, fonts, images and some basic formatting. The label manages these as an internal tag stack. It also adapts itself to given width/heights.

Note: Assignments to bbcode_text clear the tag stack and reconstruct it from the property's contents. Any edits made to bbcode_text will erase previous edits made from other manual sources such as append_bbcode and the push_* / pop methods.

Note: RichTextLabel doesn't support entangled BBCode tags. For example, instead of using [b]bold[i]bold italic[/b]italic[/i], use [b]bold[i]bold italic[/i][/b][i]italic[/i].

Note: Unlike Label, RichTextLabel doesn't have a property to horizontally align text to the center. Instead, enable bbcode_enabled and surround the text in a [center] tag as follows: [center]Example[/center]. There is currently no built-in way to vertically align text either, but this can be emulated by relying on anchors/containers and the fit_content_height property.


void add_image ( Texture image, int width=0, int height=0 )
void add_text ( String text )
Error append_bbcode ( String bbcode )
void clear ( )
int get_content_height ( ) const
int get_line_count ( ) const
int get_total_character_count ( ) const
VScrollBar get_v_scroll ( )
int get_visible_line_count ( ) const
void install_effect ( Variant effect )
void newline ( )
Error parse_bbcode ( String bbcode )
Dictionary parse_expressions_for_values ( PoolStringArray expressions )
void pop ( )
void push_align ( Align align )
void push_bold ( )
void push_bold_italics ( )
void push_cell ( )
void push_color ( Color color )
void push_font ( Font font )
void push_indent ( int level )
void push_italics ( )
void push_list ( ListType type )
void push_meta ( Variant data )
void push_mono ( )
void push_normal ( )
void push_strikethrough ( )
void push_table ( int columns )
void push_underline ( )
bool remove_line ( int line )
void scroll_to_line ( int line )
void set_table_column_expand ( int column, bool expand, int ratio )

Theme Properties

Font bold_font  
Font bold_italics_font  
Color default_color Color( 1, 1, 1, 1 )
StyleBox focus  
Color font_color_selected Color( 0.49, 0.49, 0.49, 1 )
Color font_color_shadow Color( 0, 0, 0, 0 )
Font italics_font  
int line_separation 1
Font mono_font  
StyleBox normal  
Font normal_font  
Color selection_color Color( 0.1, 0.1, 1, 0.8 )
int shadow_as_outline 0
int shadow_offset_x 1
int shadow_offset_y 1
int table_hseparation 3
int table_vseparation 3


Triggered when the user clicks on content between meta tags. If the meta is defined in text, e.g. [url={"data"="hi"}]hi[/url], then the parameter for this signal will be a String type. If a particular type or an object is desired, the push_meta method must be used to manually insert the data into the tag stack.

  • meta_hover_ended ( Variant meta )

Triggers when the mouse exits a meta tag.

  • meta_hover_started ( Variant meta )

Triggers when the mouse enters a meta tag.


enum Align:

  • ALIGN_LEFT = 0 --- Makes text left aligned.
  • ALIGN_CENTER = 1 --- Makes text centered.
  • ALIGN_RIGHT = 2 --- Makes text right aligned.
  • ALIGN_FILL = 3 --- Makes text fill width.

enum ListType:

  • LIST_NUMBERS = 0 --- Each list item has a number marker.
  • LIST_LETTERS = 1 --- Each list item has a letter marker.
  • LIST_DOTS = 2 --- Each list item has a filled circle marker.

enum ItemType:

  • ITEM_FRAME = 0
  • ITEM_TEXT = 1
  • ITEM_IMAGE = 2
  • ITEM_FONT = 4
  • ITEM_COLOR = 5
  • ITEM_ALIGN = 8
  • ITEM_LIST = 10
  • ITEM_TABLE = 11
  • ITEM_FADE = 12
  • ITEM_SHAKE = 13
  • ITEM_WAVE = 14
  • ITEM_META = 17

Property Descriptions

  • bool bbcode_enabled
Default false
Setter set_use_bbcode(value)
Getter is_using_bbcode()

If true, the label uses BBCode formatting.

Default ""
Setter set_bbcode(value)
Getter get_bbcode()

The label's text in BBCode format. Is not representative of manual modifications to the internal tag stack. Erases changes made by other methods when edited.

Note: It is unadvised to use the += operator with bbcode_text (e.g. bbcode_text += "some string") as it replaces the whole text and can cause slowdowns. Use append_bbcode for adding text instead, unless you absolutely need to close a tag that was opened in an earlier method call.

Default [  ]
Setter set_effects(value)
Getter get_effects()

The currently installed custom effects. This is an array of RichTextEffects.

To add a custom effect, it's more convenient to use install_effect.

  • bool fit_content_height
Default false
Setter set_fit_content_height(value)
Getter is_fit_content_height_enabled()

If true, the label's height will be automatically updated to fit its content.

Note: This property is used as a workaround to fix issues with RichTextLabel in Containers, but it's unreliable in some cases and will be removed in future versions.

  • bool meta_underlined
Default true
Setter set_meta_underline(value)
Getter is_meta_underlined()

If true, the label underlines meta tags such as [url]{text}[/url].

  • bool override_selected_font_color
Default false
Setter set_override_selected_font_color(value)
Getter is_overriding_selected_font_color()

If true, the label uses the custom font color.

Default 1.0
Setter set_percent_visible(value)
Getter get_percent_visible()

The range of characters to display, as a float between 0.0 and 1.0. When assigned an out of range value, it's the same as assigning 1.0.

Note: Setting this property updates visible_characters based on current get_total_character_count.

  • bool scroll_active
Default true
Setter set_scroll_active(value)
Getter is_scroll_active()

If true, the scrollbar is visible. Setting this to false does not block scrolling completely. See scroll_to_line.

  • bool scroll_following
Default false
Setter set_scroll_follow(value)
Getter is_scroll_following()

If true, the window scrolls down to display new content automatically.

  • bool selection_enabled
Default false
Setter set_selection_enabled(value)
Getter is_selection_enabled()

If true, the label allows text selection.

Default 4
Setter set_tab_size(value)
Getter get_tab_size()

The number of spaces associated with a single tab length. Does not affect \t in text tags, only indent tags.

Default ""
Setter set_text(value)
Getter get_text()

The raw text of the label.

When set, clears the tag stack and adds a raw text tag to the top of it. Does not parse BBCodes. Does not modify bbcode_text.

  • int visible_characters
Default -1
Setter set_visible_characters(value)
Getter get_visible_characters()

The restricted number of characters to display in the label. If -1, all characters will be displayed.

Method Descriptions

Adds an image's opening and closing tags to the tag stack, optionally providing a width and height to resize the image.

If width or height is set to 0, the image size will be adjusted in order to keep the original aspect ratio.

  • void add_text ( String text )

Adds raw non-BBCode-parsed text to the tag stack.

Parses bbcode and adds tags to the tag stack as needed. Returns the result of the parsing, @GlobalScope.OK if successful.

Note: Using this method, you can't close a tag that was opened in a previous append_bbcode call. This is done to improve performance, especially when updating large RichTextLabels since rebuilding the whole BBCode every time would be slower. If you absolutely need to close a tag in a future method call, append the bbcode_text instead of using append_bbcode.

  • void clear ( )

Clears the tag stack and sets bbcode_text to an empty string.

  • int get_content_height ( ) const

Returns the height of the content.

  • int get_line_count ( ) const

Returns the total number of newlines in the tag stack's text tags. Considers wrapped text as one line.

  • int get_total_character_count ( ) const

Returns the total number of characters from text tags. Does not include BBCodes.

Returns the vertical scrollbar.

  • int get_visible_line_count ( ) const

Returns the number of visible lines.

  • void install_effect ( Variant effect )

Installs a custom effect. effect should be a valid RichTextEffect.

  • void newline ( )

Adds a newline tag to the tag stack.

The assignment version of append_bbcode. Clears the tag stack and inserts the new content. Returns @GlobalScope.OK if parses bbcode successfully.

Parses BBCode parameter expressions into a dictionary.

  • void pop ( )

Terminates the current tag. Use after push_* methods to close BBCodes manually. Does not need to follow add_* methods.

  • void push_align ( Align align )

Adds an [align] tag based on the given align value. See Align for possible values.

  • void push_bold ( )

Adds a [font] tag with a bold font to the tag stack. This is the same as adding a [b] tag if not currently in a [i] tag.

  • void push_bold_italics ( )

Adds a [font] tag with a bold italics font to the tag stack.

  • void push_cell ( )

Adds a [cell] tag to the tag stack. Must be inside a [table] tag. See push_table for details.

  • void push_color ( Color color )

Adds a [color] tag to the tag stack.

  • void push_font ( Font font )

Adds a [font] tag to the tag stack. Overrides default fonts for its duration.

  • void push_indent ( int level )

Adds an [indent] tag to the tag stack. Multiplies level by current tab_size to determine new margin length.

  • void push_italics ( )

Adds a [font] tag with a italics font to the tag stack. This is the same as adding a [i] tag if not currently in a [b] tag.

Adds a [list] tag to the tag stack. Similar to the BBCodes [ol] or [ul], but supports more list types. Not fully implemented!

Adds a [meta] tag to the tag stack. Similar to the BBCode [url=something]{text}[/url], but supports non-String metadata types.

  • void push_mono ( )

Adds a [font] tag with a monospace font to the tag stack.

  • void push_normal ( )

Adds a [font] tag with a normal font to the tag stack.

  • void push_strikethrough ( )

Adds a [s] tag to the tag stack.

  • void push_table ( int columns )

Adds a [table=columns] tag to the tag stack.

  • void push_underline ( )

Adds a [u] tag to the tag stack.

Removes a line of content from the label. Returns true if the line exists.

The line argument is the index of the line to remove, it can take values in the interval [0, get_line_count() - 1].

  • void scroll_to_line ( int line )

Scrolls the window's top line to match line.

  • void set_table_column_expand ( int column, bool expand, int ratio )

Edits the selected column's expansion options. If expand is true, the column expands in proportion to its expansion ratio versus the other columns' ratios.

For example, 2 columns with ratios 3 and 4 plus 70 pixels in available width would expand 30 and 40 pixels, respectively.

If expand is false, the column will not contribute to the total ratio.