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Inherits: AnimationMixer < Node < Object

A node used for animation playback.


An animation player is used for general-purpose playback of animations. It contains a dictionary of AnimationLibrary resources and custom blend times between animation transitions.

Some methods and properties use a single key to reference an animation directly. These keys are formatted as the key for the library, followed by a forward slash, then the key for the animation within the library, for example "movement/run". If the library's key is an empty string (known as the default library), the forward slash is omitted, being the same key used by the library.

AnimationPlayer is better-suited than Tween for more complex animations, for example ones with non-trivial timings. It can also be used over Tween if the animation track editor is more convenient than doing it in code.

Updating the target properties of animations occurs at the process frame.


























animation_get_next ( StringName animation_from ) const


animation_set_next ( StringName animation_from, StringName animation_to )


clear_queue ( )


get_blend_time ( StringName animation_from, StringName animation_to ) const


get_method_call_mode ( ) const


get_playing_speed ( ) const


get_process_callback ( ) const


get_queue ( )


get_root ( ) const


is_playing ( ) const


pause ( )


play ( StringName name="", float custom_blend=-1, float custom_speed=1.0, bool from_end=false )


play_backwards ( StringName name="", float custom_blend=-1 )


queue ( StringName name )


seek ( float seconds, bool update=false, bool update_only=false )


set_blend_time ( StringName animation_from, StringName animation_to, float sec )


set_method_call_mode ( AnimationMethodCallMode mode )


set_process_callback ( AnimationProcessCallback mode )


set_root ( NodePath path )


stop ( bool keep_state=false )


animation_changed ( StringName old_name, StringName new_name )

Emitted when a queued animation plays after the previous animation finished. See also queue.

Note: The signal is not emitted when the animation is changed via play or by an AnimationTree.

current_animation_changed ( String name )

Emitted when current_animation changes.


enum AnimationProcessCallback:

AnimationProcessCallback ANIMATION_PROCESS_PHYSICS = 0

For backward compatibility. See AnimationMixer.ANIMATION_CALLBACK_MODE_PROCESS_PHYSICS.

AnimationProcessCallback ANIMATION_PROCESS_IDLE = 1

For backward compatibility. See AnimationMixer.ANIMATION_CALLBACK_MODE_PROCESS_IDLE.

AnimationProcessCallback ANIMATION_PROCESS_MANUAL = 2

For backward compatibility. See AnimationMixer.ANIMATION_CALLBACK_MODE_PROCESS_MANUAL.

enum AnimationMethodCallMode:


For backward compatibility. See AnimationMixer.ANIMATION_CALLBACK_MODE_METHOD_DEFERRED.


For backward compatibility. See AnimationMixer.ANIMATION_CALLBACK_MODE_METHOD_IMMEDIATE.

Property Descriptions

String assigned_animation

  • void set_assigned_animation ( String value )

  • String get_assigned_animation ( )

If playing, the current animation's key, otherwise, the animation last played. When set, this changes the animation, but will not play it unless already playing. See also current_animation.

String autoplay = ""

  • void set_autoplay ( String value )

  • String get_autoplay ( )

The key of the animation to play when the scene loads.

String current_animation = ""

  • void set_current_animation ( String value )

  • String get_current_animation ( )

The key of the currently playing animation. If no animation is playing, the property's value is an empty string. Changing this value does not restart the animation. See play for more information on playing animations.

Note: While this property appears in the Inspector, it's not meant to be edited, and it's not saved in the scene. This property is mainly used to get the currently playing animation, and internally for animation playback tracks. For more information, see Animation.

float current_animation_length

  • float get_current_animation_length ( )

The length (in seconds) of the currently playing animation.

float current_animation_position

  • float get_current_animation_position ( )

The position (in seconds) of the currently playing animation.

bool movie_quit_on_finish = false

  • void set_movie_quit_on_finish_enabled ( bool value )

  • bool is_movie_quit_on_finish_enabled ( )

If true and the engine is running in Movie Maker mode (see MovieWriter), exits the engine with SceneTree.quit as soon as an animation is done playing in this AnimationPlayer. A message is printed when the engine quits for this reason.

Note: This obeys the same logic as the AnimationMixer.animation_finished signal, so it will not quit the engine if the animation is set to be looping.

float playback_default_blend_time = 0.0

  • void set_default_blend_time ( float value )

  • float get_default_blend_time ( )

The default time in which to blend animations. Ranges from 0 to 4096 with 0.01 precision.

float speed_scale = 1.0

  • void set_speed_scale ( float value )

  • float get_speed_scale ( )

The speed scaling ratio. For example, if this value is 1, then the animation plays at normal speed. If it's 0.5, then it plays at half speed. If it's 2, then it plays at double speed.

If set to a negative value, the animation is played in reverse. If set to 0, the animation will not advance.

Method Descriptions

StringName animation_get_next ( StringName animation_from ) const

Returns the key of the animation which is queued to play after the animation_from animation.

void animation_set_next ( StringName animation_from, StringName animation_to )

Triggers the animation_to animation when the animation_from animation completes.

void clear_queue ( )

Clears all queued, unplayed animations.

float get_blend_time ( StringName animation_from, StringName animation_to ) const

Returns the blend time (in seconds) between two animations, referenced by their keys.

AnimationMethodCallMode get_method_call_mode ( ) const

For backward compatibility. See AnimationCallbackModeMethod.

float get_playing_speed ( ) const

Returns the actual playing speed of current animation or 0 if not playing. This speed is the speed_scale property multiplied by custom_speed argument specified when calling the play method.

Returns a negative value if the current animation is playing backwards.

AnimationProcessCallback get_process_callback ( ) const

For backward compatibility. See AnimationCallbackModeProcess.

PackedStringArray get_queue ( )

Returns a list of the animation keys that are currently queued to play.

NodePath get_root ( ) const

For backward compatibility. See AnimationMixer.root_node.

bool is_playing ( ) const

Returns true if an animation is currently playing (even if speed_scale and/or custom_speed are 0).

void pause ( )

Pauses the currently playing animation. The current_animation_position will be kept and calling play or play_backwards without arguments or with the same animation name as assigned_animation will resume the animation.

See also stop.

void play ( StringName name="", float custom_blend=-1, float custom_speed=1.0, bool from_end=false )

Plays the animation with key name. Custom blend times and speed can be set.

The from_end option only affects when switching to a new animation track, or if the same track but at the start or end. It does not affect resuming playback that was paused in the middle of an animation. If custom_speed is negative and from_end is true, the animation will play backwards (which is equivalent to calling play_backwards).

The AnimationPlayer keeps track of its current or last played animation with assigned_animation. If this method is called with that same animation name, or with no name parameter, the assigned animation will resume playing if it was paused.

Note: The animation will be updated the next time the AnimationPlayer is processed. If other variables are updated at the same time this is called, they may be updated too early. To perform the update immediately, call advance(0).

void play_backwards ( StringName name="", float custom_blend=-1 )

Plays the animation with key name in reverse.

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