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Inherits: VisualInstance3D < Node3D < Node < Object

A region that contributes to the default volumetric fog from the world environment.


FogVolumes are used to add localized fog into the global volumetric fog effect. FogVolumes can also remove volumetric fog from specific areas if using a FogMaterial with a negative FogMaterial.density.

Performance of FogVolumes is directly related to their relative size on the screen and the complexity of their attached FogMaterial. It is best to keep FogVolumes relatively small and simple where possible.

Note: FogVolumes only have a visible effect if Environment.volumetric_fog_enabled is true. If you don't want fog to be globally visible (but only within FogVolume nodes), set Environment.volumetric_fog_density to 0.0.










Vector3(2, 2, 2)

Property Descriptions

Material material

The Material used by the FogVolume. Can be either a built-in FogMaterial or a custom ShaderMaterial.

FogVolumeShape shape = 3

The shape of the FogVolume. This can be set to either RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_ELLIPSOID, RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_CONE, RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_CYLINDER, RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_BOX or RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_WORLD.

Vector3 size = Vector3(2, 2, 2)

The size of the FogVolume when shape is RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_ELLIPSOID, RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_CONE, RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_CYLINDER or RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_BOX.

Note: Thin fog volumes may appear to flicker when the camera moves or rotates. This can be alleviated by increasing ProjectSettings.rendering/environment/volumetric_fog/volume_depth (at a performance cost) or by decreasing Environment.volumetric_fog_length (at no performance cost, but at the cost of lower fog range). Alternatively, the FogVolume can be made thicker and use a lower density in the material.

Note: If shape is RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_CONE or RenderingServer.FOG_VOLUME_SHAPE_CYLINDER, the cone/cylinder will be adjusted to fit within the size. Non-uniform scaling of cone/cylinder shapes via the size property is not supported, but you can scale the FogVolume node instead.