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Inherits: AudioEffect < Resource < RefCounted < Object

Captures audio from an audio bus in real-time.


AudioEffectCapture is an AudioEffect which copies all audio frames from the attached audio effect bus into its internal ring buffer.

Application code should consume these audio frames from this ring buffer using get_buffer and process it as needed, for example to capture data from an AudioStreamMicrophone, implement application-defined effects, or to transmit audio over the network. When capturing audio data from a microphone, the format of the samples will be stereo 32-bit floating point PCM.

Note: ProjectSettings.audio/driver/enable_input must be true for audio input to work. See also that setting's description for caveats related to permissions and operating system privacy settings.








can_get_buffer ( int frames ) const


clear_buffer ( )


get_buffer ( int frames )


get_buffer_length_frames ( ) const


get_discarded_frames ( ) const


get_frames_available ( ) const


get_pushed_frames ( ) const

Property Descriptions

float buffer_length = 0.1

  • void set_buffer_length ( float value )

  • float get_buffer_length ( )

Length of the internal ring buffer, in seconds. Setting the buffer length will have no effect if already initialized.

Method Descriptions

bool can_get_buffer ( int frames ) const

Returns true if at least frames audio frames are available to read in the internal ring buffer.

void clear_buffer ( )

Clears the internal ring buffer.

PackedVector2Array get_buffer ( int frames )

Gets the next frames audio samples from the internal ring buffer.

Returns a PackedVector2Array containing exactly frames audio samples if available, or an empty PackedVector2Array if insufficient data was available.

int get_buffer_length_frames ( ) const

Returns the total size of the internal ring buffer in frames.

int get_discarded_frames ( ) const

Returns the number of audio frames discarded from the audio bus due to full buffer.

int get_frames_available ( ) const

Returns the number of frames available to read using get_buffer.

int get_pushed_frames ( ) const

Returns the number of audio frames inserted from the audio bus.