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Inherits: RefCounted < Object

Plugin for adding custom parsers to extract strings that are to be translated from custom files (.csv, .json etc.).


EditorTranslationParserPlugin is invoked when a file is being parsed to extract strings that require translation. To define the parsing and string extraction logic, override the _parse_file method in script.

Add the extracted strings to argument msgids or msgids_context_plural if context or plural is used.

When adding to msgids_context_plural, you must add the data using the format ["A", "B", "C"], where A represents the extracted string, B represents the context, and C represents the plural version of the extracted string. If you want to add only context but not plural, put "" for the plural slot. The idea is the same if you only want to add plural but not context. See the code below for concrete examples.

The extracted strings will be written into a POT file selected by user under "POT Generation" in "Localization" tab in "Project Settings" menu.

Below shows an example of a custom parser that extracts strings from a CSV file to write into a POT.

extends EditorTranslationParserPlugin

func _parse_file(path, msgids, msgids_context_plural):
    var file = FileAccess.open(path, FileAccess.READ)
    var text = file.get_as_text()
    var split_strs = text.split(",", false)
    for s in split_strs:
        #print("Extracted string: " + s)

func _get_recognized_extensions():
    return ["csv"]

To add a translatable string associated with context or plural, add it to msgids_context_plural:

# This will add a message with msgid "Test 1", msgctxt "context", and msgid_plural "test 1 plurals".
msgids_context_plural.append(["Test 1", "context", "test 1 plurals"])
# This will add a message with msgid "A test without context" and msgid_plural "plurals".
msgids_context_plural.append(["A test without context", "", "plurals"])
# This will add a message with msgid "Only with context" and msgctxt "a friendly context".
msgids_context_plural.append(["Only with context", "a friendly context", ""])

Note: If you override parsing logic for standard script types (GDScript, C#, etc.), it would be better to load the path argument using ResourceLoader.load. This is because built-in scripts are loaded as Resource type, not FileAccess type.

For example:

func _parse_file(path, msgids, msgids_context_plural):
    var res = ResourceLoader.load(path, "Script")
    var text = res.source_code
    # Parsing logic.

func _get_recognized_extensions():
    return ["gd"]

To use EditorTranslationParserPlugin, register it using the EditorPlugin.add_translation_parser_plugin method first.



_get_recognized_extensions ( ) virtual const


_parse_file ( String path, String[] msgids, Array[] msgids_context_plural ) virtual

Method Descriptions

PackedStringArray _get_recognized_extensions ( ) virtual const

Gets the list of file extensions to associate with this parser, e.g. ["csv"].

void _parse_file ( String path, String[] msgids, Array[] msgids_context_plural ) virtual

Override this method to define a custom parsing logic to extract the translatable strings.