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Inherits: Light3D < VisualInstance3D < Node3D < Node < Object

Omnidirectional light, such as a light bulb or a candle.


An Omnidirectional light is a type of Light3D that emits light in all directions. The light is attenuated by distance and this attenuation can be configured by changing its energy, radius, and attenuation parameters.

Note: When using the Mobile rendering method, only 8 omni lights can be displayed on each mesh resource. Attempting to display more than 8 omni lights on a single mesh resource will result in omni lights flickering in and out as the camera moves. When using the Compatibility rendering method, only 8 omni lights can be displayed on each mesh resource by default, but this can be increased by adjusting ProjectSettings.rendering/limits/opengl/max_lights_per_object.

Note: When using the Mobile or Compatibility rendering methods, omni lights will only correctly affect meshes whose visibility AABB intersects with the light's AABB. If using a shader to deform the mesh in a way that makes it go outside its AABB, GeometryInstance3D.extra_cull_margin must be increased on the mesh. Otherwise, the light may not be visible on the mesh.














1.0 (overrides Light3D)


enum ShadowMode:


Shadows are rendered to a dual-paraboloid texture. Faster than SHADOW_CUBE, but lower-quality.

ShadowMode SHADOW_CUBE = 1

Shadows are rendered to a cubemap. Slower than SHADOW_DUAL_PARABOLOID, but higher-quality.

Property Descriptions

float omni_attenuation = 1.0

  • void set_param ( float value )

  • float get_param ( )

The light's attenuation (drop-off) curve. A number of presets are available in the Inspector by right-clicking the curve. Zero and negative values are allowed but can produce unusual effects.

Note: Very high omni_attenuation values (typically above 10) can impact performance negatively if the light is made to use a larger omni_range to compensate. This is because culling opportunities will become less common and shading costs will be increased (as the light will cover more pixels on screen while resulting in the same amount of brightness). To improve performance, use the lowest omni_attenuation value possible for the visuals you're trying to achieve.

float omni_range = 5.0

  • void set_param ( float value )

  • float get_param ( )

The light's radius. Note that the effectively lit area may appear to be smaller depending on the omni_attenuation in use. No matter the omni_attenuation in use, the light will never reach anything outside this radius.

Note: omni_range is not affected by Node3D.scale (the light's scale or its parent's scale).

ShadowMode omni_shadow_mode = 1

See ShadowMode.