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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.


Inherits: Node < Object

Automatically replicates spawnable nodes from the authority to other multiplayer peers.


Spawnable scenes can be configured in the editor or through code (see add_spawnable_scene).

Also supports custom node spawns through spawn, calling spawn_function on all peers.

Internally, MultiplayerSpawner uses MultiplayerAPI.object_configuration_add to notify spawns passing the spawned node as the object and itself as the configuration, and MultiplayerAPI.object_configuration_remove to notify despawns in a similar way.












add_spawnable_scene ( String path )


clear_spawnable_scenes ( )


get_spawnable_scene ( int index ) const


get_spawnable_scene_count ( ) const


spawn ( Variant data=null )


despawned ( Node node )

Emitted when a spawnable scene or custom spawn was despawned by the multiplayer authority. Only called on puppets.

spawned ( Node node )

Emitted when a spawnable scene or custom spawn was spawned by the multiplayer authority. Only called on puppets.

Property Descriptions

Callable spawn_function

Method called on all peers when for every custom spawn requested by the authority. Will receive the data parameter, and should return a Node that is not in the scene tree.

Note: The returned node should not be added to the scene with Node.add_child. This is done automatically.

int spawn_limit = 0

  • void set_spawn_limit ( int value )

  • int get_spawn_limit ( )

Maximum nodes that is allowed to be spawned by this spawner. Includes both spawnable scenes and custom spawns.

When set to 0 (the default), there is no limit.

NodePath spawn_path = NodePath("")

Path to the spawn root. Spawnable scenes that are added as direct children are replicated to other peers.

Method Descriptions

void add_spawnable_scene ( String path )

Adds a scene path to spawnable scenes, making it automatically replicated from the multiplayer authority to other peers when added as children of the node pointed by spawn_path.

void clear_spawnable_scenes ( )

Clears all spawnable scenes. Does not despawn existing instances on remote peers.

String get_spawnable_scene ( int index ) const

Returns the spawnable scene path by index.

int get_spawnable_scene_count ( ) const

Returns the count of spawnable scene paths.

Node spawn ( Variant data=null )

Requests a custom spawn, with data passed to spawn_function on all peers. Returns the locally spawned node instance already inside the scene tree, and added as a child of the node pointed by spawn_path.

Note: Spawnable scenes are spawned automatically. spawn is only needed for custom spawns.