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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.

Android Studio

Android Studio is a free IDE for Android development made by Google and JetBrains. It's based on IntelliJ IDEA and has a feature-rich editor which supports Java and C/C++. It can be used to work on Godot's core engine as well as the Android platform codebase.


  • From the Android Studio's welcome window select Open.


Android Studio 的欢迎界面.

  • 导航到 <Godot根目录(Godot root directory)>/platform/android/java 并选择 settings.gradle 文件.

  • Android Studio 将导入项目并为其编制索引.

Android Studio 项目结构

你可以使用 Android Studio 4.1或更高版本 进行安装:

  • lib module:
    • 导航到 <Godot根目录(Godot root directory)>/platform/android/java 并选择 settings.gradle 文件

      the Godot java and native code and make it available as a reusable dependency / artifact.

    • The artifact generated by this module is made available for other Android modules / projects to use as a dependency, via MavenCentral.

  • editor 模块:
    • 位于 <Godot 根目录>/platform/android/java/editor 中,这就是一个应用程序模块

      存放的是 Godot Editor 的 Android 移植版的源代码。

    • 这个模块依赖于 lib 模块。

  • app 模块:
    • 位于 <Godot 根目录>/platform/android/java/app 中,这就是一个应用程序模块

      存放的是 Android 构建模板的源代码。

    • 这个模块依赖于 lib 模块。