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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.



  • Godot 编辑器背后的设计决策

  • 如何高效地处理Godot编辑器的C++代码。

本指南针对的是目前或未来的引擎贡献者。要在GDScript中创建编辑器插件,请参见 制作插件


如果你是 Godot 的新手,建议你在继续之前先阅读 Godot 的设计理念 。由于 Godot 编辑器是用 C++ 编写的 Godot 项目,引擎的许多理念同样适用于编辑器。


The Godot editor is drawn using Godot's renderer and UI system. It does not rely on a toolkit such as GTK or Qt. This is similar in spirit to software like Blender. While using toolkits makes it easier to achieve a "native" appearance, they are also quite heavy and their licensing is not compatible with Godot's.



编辑器的代码完全独立于Godot源代码库的 editor/ 文件夹中。

Some editor functionality is also implemented via modules. Some of these are only enabled in editor builds to decrease the binary size of export templates. See the modules/ folder in the Godot source repository.


scene/ 中文件对编辑器的依赖性

在处理编辑器功能时,你可能需要修改Godot的GUI节点中的文件,你可以在 scene/ 文件夹中找到。

需要记住的一条规则是,你不能editor/ 在其他文件夹中引入新的依赖关系,如