Attention: Here be dragons

This is the latest (unstable) version of this documentation, which may document features not available in or compatible with released stable versions of Godot.

配置 IDE

假设你已经 克隆编译 了Godot.

您可以使用任何文本编辑器和通过在命令行上调用 scons 来轻松开发Godot, 但是如果您要使用IDE(集成开发环境), 则有一些常用的设置说明:

可以使用其他IDE, 但尚未记录其设置.

If your editor supports the language server protocol, you can use clangd for completion, diagnostics, and more. You can generate a compilation database for use with clangd one of two ways:

# Generate compile_commands.json while compiling
scons compiledb=yes

# Generate compile_commands.json without compiling
scons compiledb=yes compile_commands.json