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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.


Godot 的 Node 类提供了虚函数,你可以通过覆盖虚函数来在每帧或发生特定事件时更新节点,比如进入场景树时。



这些函数在引擎内部会依赖 Godot 的底层通知系统。要了解相关学习,请参阅 Godot 通知

Two functions allow you to initialize and get nodes besides the class's constructor: _enter_tree() and _ready().

节点进入场景树时就会被激活,引擎会调用其 _enter_tree() 方法。该节点的子项可能还不是活动场景的一部分。因为你可以从场景树中移除节点然后重新添加,在一个节点的生命期中,这个函数可能会被调用多次。

Most of the time, you'll use _ready() instead. This function is called only once in a node's lifetime, after _enter_tree(). _ready() ensures that all children have entered the scene tree first, so you can safely call get_node() on them.


要学习更多关于节点引用的知识,请阅读 节点与场景实例

Another related callback is _exit_tree(), which the engine calls every time a node is about to exit the scene tree. This can be when you call Node.remove_child() or when you free a node.

# Called every time the node enters the scene tree.
func _enter_tree():

# Called when both the node and its children have entered the scene tree.
func _ready():

# Called when the node is about to leave the scene tree, after all its
# children received the _exit_tree() callback.
func _exit_tree():

虚函数 _process()_physics_process() 可以分别用来对节点进行每帧和每物理帧的更新。要了解更多信息,请阅读专门的文档:空闲处理与物理处理

# Called every frame.
func _process(delta):

# Called every physics frame.
func _physics_process(delta):

Two more essential built-in node callback functions are Node._unhandled_input() and Node._input(), which you use to both receive and process individual input events. The _unhandled_input() method receives every key press, mouse click, etc. that have not been handled already in an _input() callback or in a user interface component. You want to use it for gameplay input in general. The _input() callback allows you to intercept and process input events before _unhandled_input() gets them.

要学习更多关于 Godot 中输入的内容,请参阅输入章节

# Called once for every event.
func _unhandled_input(event):

# Called once for every event before _unhandled_input(), allowing you to
# consume some events.
func _input(event):

There are some more overridable functions like Node._get_configuration_warnings(). Specialized node types provide more callbacks like CanvasItem._draw() to draw programmatically or Control._gui_input() to handle clicks and input on UI elements.