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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.

Godot 的游戏主机支持


In order to develop for consoles in Godot, you need access to the console SDK and export templates for it. These export templates need to be developed either by yourself or someone hired to do it, or provided by a third party company.

Currently, the only console Godot officially supports is Steam Deck (through the official Linux export templates).

The reason other consoles are not officially supported are:

  • To develop for consoles, one must be licensed as a company. As an open source project, Godot has no legal structure to provide console ports.

  • 游戏机的SDK是保密的, 并由保密协议保护. 即使我们可以访问它们, 我们也无法在开源许可下发布特定平台的代码.

As explained, however, it is possible to port your games to consoles thanks to services provided by third-party companies.


In practice, the process is quite similar to Unity and Unreal Engine. In other words, there is no engine that is legally allowed to distribute console export templates without requiring the user to prove that they are a licensed console developer.


无论使用哪种引擎制作游戏, 将游戏发布到游戏主机平台的流程如下:

  • 在游戏主机制造商的网站上注册一个开发者账号,然后签署 NDA 和出版合同。这需要你有一个注册的法人实体。

  • 通过验收程序, 获得进入出版平台的机会. 这可能需要长达几个月的时间. 注意, 如果有成熟的发行商支持你的游戏, 这一步就会明显容易很多. 众所周知, 任天堂通常更接受小型开发商, 但这并不保证.

  • 获得使用开发者工具的权限,并订购专门为开发者制作的游戏主机(devkit)。这些 devkit 的费用是保密的。

  • 把引擎移植到游戏主机平台上,或者花钱请一家公司来做。

  • To be published, your game needs to be rated in the regions you'd like to sell it in. For example, game ratings are handled by ESRB in North America, and PEGI in Europe. Indie developers can generally get a rating for cheaper compared to more established developers.

Due to the complexity of the process, many studios and developers prefer to outsource console porting.

You can read more about the console publishing process in this article: Godot and consoles, all you need to know


一些第三方公司提供将 Godot 移植至游戏主机的服务(他们已经自己完成了 Godot 的移植工作),另外这些公司还提供在多个游戏主机平台的游戏发行服务。


  • Lone Wolf Technology offers Switch and Playstation 4 porting and publishing of Godot games.

  • Pineapple Works 提供 Switch、Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S(GDK)的 Godot 游戏的移植和发布(GDScript/C#)。

  • RAWRLAB games 提供 Switch 的 Godot 游戏的移植。

  • mazette! games 提供 Switch、Xbox One、Xbox Series X/S 的 Godot 游戏的移植和发布。

  • Olde Sküül offers Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Playstation 5 porting and publishing of Godot games.

  • Tuanisapps offers Switch porting and publishing of Godot games.

如果你的公司为 Godot 游戏提供移植发布服务,可以随时提交 issue 或 pull request 将你的公司添加到上面的列表中。