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This page is up to date for Godot 4.2. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.


Godot is a primarily C++ project and it uses the SCons build system. We love SCons for how maintainable and easy to set up it makes our buildsystem. And thanks to that compiling Godot from source can be as simple as running:


This produces an export template for your current platform, operating system, and architecture. An export template is a build of the engine that is used for running exported projects. To build the editor instead you can run the following command:

scons target=editor

If you plan to debug or develop the engine, then you might want to add another option to the command:

scons dev_build=yes
scons target=editor dev_build=yes

Following sections in the article will explain these and other universal options in more detail. But before you can compile Godot, you need to install a few prerequisites. Please refer to the platform documentation to learn more:

These articles cover in great detail both how to setup your environment to compile Godot on a specific platform, and how to compile for that platform. Please feel free to go back and forth between them and this article to reference platform-specific and universal configuration options.

Using multi-threading

The build process may take a while, depending on how powerful your system is. By default, Godot's SCons setup is configured to use all CPU threads but one (to keep the system responsive during compilation). If you want to adjust how many CPU threads SCons will use, use the -j <threads> parameter to specify how many threads will be used for the build.

Example for using 4 threads:

scons -j4


Godot的构建系统将从检测可构建的平台开始. 如果未检测到, 该平台将不会出现在可用平台列表中. 本教程后续部分将介绍每种平台的构建要求.

仅通过调用 scons 即可调用SCons. 如果未指定平台,SCons将基于主机平台自动检测目标平台. 然后它将立即开始为目标平台构建.

要列出可用的目标平台,请使用 scons platform=list

scons platform=list
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
The following platforms are available:


Please run SCons again