Inherits: Container < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Grid container used to arrange elements in a grid like layout.


Grid container will arrange its children in a grid like structure, the grid columns are specified using the columns property and the number of rows will be equal to the number of children in the container divided by the number of columns. For example, if the container has 5 children, and 2 columns, there will be 3 rows in the container.

Notice that grid layout will preserve the columns and rows for every size of the container, and that empty columns will be expanded automatically.


int columns 1
MouseFilter mouse_filter 1 (parent override)

Theme Properties

int hseparation 4
int vseparation 4

Property Descriptions

Default 1
Setter set_columns(value)
Getter get_columns()

The number of columns in the GridContainer. If modified, GridContainer reorders its children to accommodate the new layout.