Tutorials and resources

This is a list of third-party tutorials and resources created by the Godot community. For resources, remember that there is the official Godot Asset Library full of official and community resources too! Also, have a look at this huge list over at Reddit.

Think there is something missing here? Feel free to submit a Pull Request as always.

Where to start

The Godot video tutorials by GDQuest, Game from Scratch and KidsCanCode are well-regarded in the community and often recommended as a gentle introduction to beginners.

If you're interested in Visual Scripting, Emilio's tutorials may be worth a look.

Some tutorials mentioned below provide more advanced tutorials, e.g. on 3D or shaders.


  • Emilio (2D, GDScript and VisualScript).
  • GDQuest <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxboW7x0jZqFdvMdCFKTMsQ/playlists> _ (2D і 3D, GDScript, VisualScript і C #).
  • Game Development Channel (2D, GDScript).
  • Game Endeavor (2D, GDScript).
  • Гра з нуля (2D і 3D, GDScript і C#).
  • HeartBeast (2D, GDScript).
  • Jeremy Bullock (2D and 3D, GDScript, VisualScript and C#).
  • KidsCanCode <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNaPQ5uLX5iIEHUCLmfAgKg/playlists> __ (2D та 3D, GDScript і VisualScript).
  • Mister Taft Creates (2D, GDScript).
  • Miziziziz (2D, GDScript).
  • P1X / Krzysztof Jankowski (3D).
  • Pigdev (2D, GDScript).
  • Steincodes <https://www.youtube.com/c/steincodes/playlists> __ (2D, GDScript і VisualScript).
  • TheBuffED (2D, GDScript).
  • Code with Tom (2D and 3D, GDScript).
  • BornCG (3D, GDScript).
  • Gonkee <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJqCPFHdbc6443G3Sz6VYDw> _ (2D, 3D, GDScript, Shaders).