Inherits: Resource < RefCounted < Object

Boolean matrix.


A two-dimensional array of boolean values, can be used to efficiently store a binary matrix (every matrix element takes only one bit) and query the values using natural cartesian coordinates.



convert_to_image ( ) const


create ( Vector2 size )


create_from_image_alpha ( Image image, float threshold=0.1 )


get_bit ( Vector2 position ) const


get_size ( ) const


get_true_bit_count ( ) const


grow_mask ( int pixels, Rect2 rect )


opaque_to_polygons ( Rect2 rect, float epsilon=2.0 ) const


resize ( Vector2 new_size )


set_bit ( Vector2 position, bool bit )


set_bit_rect ( Rect2 rect, bool bit )

Method Descriptions

  • Image convert_to_image ( ) const

Returns an image of the same size as the bitmap and with a Format of type FORMAT_L8. true bits of the bitmap are being converted into white pixels, and false bits into black.

Creates a bitmap with the specified size, filled with false.

  • void create_from_image_alpha ( Image image, float threshold=0.1 )

Creates a bitmap that matches the given image dimensions, every element of the bitmap is set to false if the alpha value of the image at that position is equal to threshold or less, and true in other case.

Returns bitmap's value at the specified position.

Returns bitmap's dimensions.

  • int get_true_bit_count ( ) const

Returns the amount of bitmap elements that are set to true.

  • void grow_mask ( int pixels, Rect2 rect )

Applies morphological dilation or erosion to the bitmap. If pixels is positive, dilation is applied to the bitmap. If pixels is negative, erosion is applied to the bitmap. rect defines the area where the morphological operation is applied. Pixels located outside the rect are unaffected by grow_mask.

Creates an Array of polygons covering a rectangular portion of the bitmap. It uses a marching squares algorithm, followed by Ramer-Douglas-Peucker (RDP) reduction of the number of vertices. Each polygon is described as a PackedVector2Array of its vertices.

To get polygons covering the whole bitmap, pass:

Rect2(Vector2(), get_size())

epsilon is passed to RDP to control how accurately the polygons cover the bitmap: a lower epsilon corresponds to more points in the polygons.

Resizes the image to new_size.

Sets the bitmap's element at the specified position, to the specified value.

Sets a rectangular portion of the bitmap to the specified value.