Inherits: ConfirmationDialog < AcceptDialog < Window < Viewport < Node < Object

Godot editor's command palette.


Object that holds all the available Commands and their shortcuts text. These Commands can be accessed through Editor > Command Palette menu.

Command key names use slash delimiters to distinguish sections Example: "example/command1" then example will be the section name.

var command_palette = get_editor_interface().get_command_palette()
# external_command is a function that will be called with the command is executed.
var command_callable = Callable(self, "external_command").bind(arguments)
command_palette.add_command("command", "test/command",command_callable)

Note: This class shouldn't be instantiated directly. Instead, access the singleton using EditorInterface.get_command_palette.




false (overrides AcceptDialog)



add_command ( String command_name, String key_name, Callable binded_callable, String shortcut_text="None" )


remove_command ( String key_name )

Method Descriptions

Adds a custom command to EditorCommandPalette.

  • command_name: String (Name of the Command. This is displayed to the user.)

  • key_name: String (Name of the key for a particular Command. This is used to uniquely identify the Command.)

  • binded_callable: Callable (Callable of the Command. This will be executed when the Command is selected.)

  • shortcut_text: String (Shortcut text of the Command if available.)

  • void remove_command ( String key_name )

Removes the custom command from EditorCommandPalette.

  • key_name: String (Name of the key for a particular Command.)